About Pegasus

A collection built over more than 40 years

History of Pegasus WW2 Displays

Pegasus WW2 Displays has been around as business for about 30 years but has mainly been trading as a mobile display company doing museum quality displays at events and teaching in schools all about the history of the second world war, and will carry on doing so.

Collection Detail

As a child in the late 70 early 80s I started adding to a small collection of military cap badges that my dad had put together during and after his national service. After a few years I acquired a wardens helmet and then a Gas mask and from that point I was hooked on the history and artifacts of World War 2.

During my time at college and early 20s I started to meet and get to know other people who shared my interest and I discovered arms fairs, and the Military Vehicle Conservation Group that soon became the Military Vehicle Trust. Another 30 years on the addiction is still there.

Even though when I first started to come across other collectors they were all collecting German or American kit, I was only ever interested in British gear, yes it wasn’t as glamorous but it was what had my fascination and over the years my collecting has taken a varied path but I have never sold things to acquire others, I have just added and added.

So now the time has come for me to make a start to think things out and pass some of the collection on to others, so that they can take one the responsibility, to look after them.

Armed Forces Day 2011