World War II

British Militaria

So now the time has come for me to make a start to thin out my British militaria collection and pass some of the collection on to others, so that they can take on the responsibility, to look after them.

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Authentic WW2 British Militaria


As a child in the late 70 early 80s I started adding to a small collection of military cap badges that my dad had put together during and after his national service. After a few years I acquired a wardens helmet and then a Gas mask. From that point I was hooked on the history and artifacts of World War 2. More…

Military Vehicle Trust

I started to meet and get to know other people who shared my interest and because of this I discovered arms fairs and the Military Vehicle Conservation Group that soon became the Military Vehicle Trust. I never got into the thing of collecting one thing and then selling that collection to start another so as a result the collection grew and grew. More…

British Militaria – the collection

British Militaria Badges


Cap and uniform badges & buttons. Metal and cloth.

British Militaria Webbing


08 – 44 pattern and everything inbetween

British Militaria Manuals


Books booklets manuals and maps.

British Militaria Uniforms


Tunics, trousers,specialist clothing and boots

British Militaria Field Gear

Field Gear

All the kit and equipment.

British Militaria Home Front

Home Front

Clothing to furniture and civil defense.

British Militaria Helmets

Helmets & Headgear

Berets, caps,and helmets.

British Militaria Anti Gas Kit

Anti-Gas Kit

Respirators packs and associated kit.

British Militaria Reproductions


All reproductions are made in house, in the UK by myself.

40 Years on...

Finally, after another 40 years on the addiction is still there and because of this the collection is still growing. Filling 2 houses, 4 sheds , a garage and a large car port, so therefore its time to down size.

Look after the collection

So finally the time has come for me to make a start to thin things out and pass some of the collection on to others. So, as a result, they can take on the responsibility, to look after them.

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